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Automated laser welding


PRECISION TUBES EUROPE s.r.o. has built a cell housing Fanuc robotic arm and TruDisc 4001 equipped with a welding laser head. A rotating table was integrated for maximum efficiency.



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We offer our customers the tubes not only in coils but cut-to-length too. We operate several tube cutting lines, each based on a different technology. The cutting method for each product is chosen with regard to our customer's requirements and the tube's final application.



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Bending - Shaping

In addition to the core production of round-shaped tubes we offer our customers additional services such as bending, shaping or laser beam machining and welding of/on their product.


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Development of machines and tools

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Most of the tube-processing equipment and machines employed in our production process are of our own design and have been manufactured either fully in-house or in a cooperation with our external partner machine workshops. We have continued upgrading and fine-tuning our welding, drawing, bending and forming lines and related machines throughout the years of our operation and based on this experience we offer the advantage of working with a fully customised tube-processing line also to our customers.